Code of Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance Bericht
The Zumtobel Group is committed to full compliance with the guidelines defined by the Austrian Corporate Governance Code and views this set of rules as a key requirement for responsible corporate management that is based on the sustainable, long-term creation of value and a high degree of transparency towards shareholders and other interest groups. The Austrian Corporate Governance Code is issued by the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance and represents a benchmark for good corporate governance and corporate control that exceeds legal requirements and meets international standards. This corporate governance report is based on the version of the code which was issued in January 2018. The Austrian Corporate Governance Code is available for review on the website of the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance ( Voluntary commitment gives the code its legitimacy and forms the basis for the explanation of non-compliance with the C-Rules (comply or explain).

As in previous years, Zumtobel Group AG complied with nearly all provisions of the code during the 2017/18 financial year. The Group‘s actions deviated from only one C-Rule of the 83 Rules in the code, and the difference is described below.

Comply or Explain

The following C-Rule of the code was or is currently not met:

Rule 30:        

The Zumtobel Group classifies information on insurance coverage, in general, and D&O coverage, in particular, as confidential data whose disclosure may result in damage to the corporation. Therefore, this information is not disclosed.


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