Dr Walter Zumtobel Award

In the two categories Innovation and Values
Dr. Walter Zumtobel Award
The Dr. Walter Zumtobel Award (DWZA) is an award of the Zumtobel Group. It is aimed at all company employees and is awarded in two categories: Innovation and Values.

Values and innovations are essential for the group and each of the brands. Values and innovation are closely associated within the Zumtobel Group and are also mutually dependent. Values shared by all employees create a sense of community and promote team spirit in the company. They are also the foundation for innovative thinking and action as new ideas and products always require team work.

The Zumtobel Group’s company values – Passion, Performance, Partnership – are based on the traditional values of the company founder Dr. Walter Zumtobel. At the same time, they are redefined for the future which ensures that the entrepreneurial spirit of the early years lives on in the company values today and in the Dr. Walter Zumtobel Award.
Dr. Walter Zumtobel Innovation Award
Dr Walter Zumtobel INNOVATION Award
With the Innovation Award, the teams are honoured who, with innovative ideas and projects, set new perspectives and standards for the group. All employees are eligible to take part. External partners e.g. suppliers or technology partners may also be part of the team.

The Innovation Award honours projects in the following categories: “Product & Service Innovation”, “Process Innovation”, “Marketing & Sales Innovation” and “Innovative Support Tools”. Winners are determined in a multi-stage judging process: first, a pre-selection jury compiles a shortlist and nominates projects which fulfil all criteria to a high degree in the respective categories – these are shortlisted for the award. The final jury comprising of CEO Ulrich Schumacher and supervisory board chairman Jürg Zumtobel as well as top managers of various departments and an external technology expert, subsequently determine the winning projects of each category based on the shortlist.

The Dr. Walter Zumtobel Innovation Award is endowed with prize money totalling 100,000 euros. This prize money is split between the winning projects of all categories and shared amongst the team members by agreement.

The Innovation Award is awarded once a year – always close to 19 February, the birthday of Dr. Walter Zumtobel. 2016 was the premiere.

The prize winners of the Innovation Award not only set new perspectives and standards for innovation in the company. Their projects also show one thing in particular: a corporate culture which is alive and corporate values embodied by all.
Dr. Walter Zumtobel value award
Dr Walter Zumtobel VALUE Award
The Value Award enables each company employee to be a potential winner. With the Value Award the group honours employees from all levels and departments in the group who embody the company values in an exemplary way in their everyday work. It is the award winners, in particular, who keep the legacy of the company founder Dr. Walter Zumtobel alive and, at the same time, reinterpret his values – for example solidarity, entrepreneurship, the pursuit of innovation, willingness and identification with the company – for the 21st century.

The winners of the Value Awards are presented the award by their direct supervisor who also determines the winners. As motivators for exemplary conduct in the sense of the corporate values in their teams and as decision-makers regarding the prize winners, the management of the Zumtobel Group are, therefore, also multipliers for an actively embodied corporate culture in the sense of the founder’s values.

The Value Award is awarded throughout the business year as the aim is to highlight and also honour exemplary employee conduct in the company as often as possible.
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