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Cooperation with the TU Darmstadt: Knowledge transfer in both directions
  • Students present designs at the Zumtobel Light Forum in Dornbirn
  • The Zumtobel Group has been promoting science at the TU Darmstadt for almost two years
  • Cooperation in the area of training based on giving and receiving

Dornbirn / Austria – On Monday evening, 22 students from the Technical University (TU) of Darmstadt presented their lighting designs at Zumtobel in Dornbirn. The young talent from the Department of Architecture focuses on the topic of light as part of a two-semester course. Their latest task involved developing a lighting design for the atrium of the faculty building. Work on concrete implementation of the plans will go ahead next semester. The cooperation between the university and the lighting manufacturer has been ongoing since 2011 and the exhibition at the Light Forum marks the second time that students have been provided with a platform for presenting their designs to Zumtobel staff.

The cooperation gives students the opportunity to explore the topic of architectural lighting and the possibilities that light has to offer as a tool for setting the scene for architecture. They then receive direct feedback from people who work in the industry. It’s a process of giving and receiving as the students are also putting forward suggestions and innovative ideas to the company,” says Harald Hofmann, Honorary Professor at the TU Darmstadt and a member of the working group on lighting.

Practice-oriented science and valuable input
The students were introduced to the topic of light and lighting by Peter Dehoff, who is responsible for the work of the Zumtobel brand in international industry associations and professional bodies and lectures at the TU Darmstadt. The Zumtobel Group is also sponsoring a lecturer in the area of “Designing with Light”. “The goal is to teach the fundamental principles of lighting engineering as well as lighting design and the perception of light on the basis of a very practice-oriented approach. Through our collaboration with the architects of tomorrow, we as a company receive valuable input and can incorporate the ideas in our work,” explains Peter Dehoff.

Education cooperation as part of corporate citizenship
The cooperation with the TU Darmstadt is an example of the many collaborations which the Zumtobel Group has entered into. Education is one of four key areas covered by the Zumtobel Group’s programme of corporate citizenship activities. In addition to the collaboration with the TU Darmstadt, there is a partnership between the University of Jönköping and Thorn, a brand belonging to the Zumtobel Group. Thorn also provides grants for students at Dalian Polytechnic University in China. Cooperation between Tridonic and Newcastle University also takes the form of grants as well as collaboration in the area of research and development.

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Students from the TU Darmstadt present their lighting concepts at the Zumtobel Light Forum in Dornbirn.

Students from the TU Darmstadt present their lighting concepts at the Zumtobel Light Forum in Dornbirn.

Students from the TU Darmstadt present their lighting concepts at the Zumtobel Light Forum in Dornbirn.

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