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Zumtobel Group lighting plant in Dornbirn certified to ISO 50001

The Schweizerstraße production site in Dornbirn has successfully passed its certification audit under the international standard ISO 50001 – the Zumtobel Group’s first lighting plant to do so. This standard deals with energy management systems, where the focus is on increasing energy efficiency and consequently on reducing energy costs as well as energy consumption.

“We regard ISO 50001 certification as the road map for establishing systematic energy management and as an extension of our existing ISO 14001 environmental management system. We have already achieved highly noteworthy successes where environmental management is concerned. With the energy management projects now in place, we are already well on track to continue building on this success,” says Operations Director Herwig Burtscher. “The goal of the overall programme is to ensure that we use available resources (energy, raw materials, etc.) as efficiently as possible and also that we use them consciously in order to conserve and protect our environment for the long term.”

The new energy management system places the emphasis on the energy performance of the lighting plant in Dornbirn. As a first step, the main consumers of electricity and heat (gas) were identified. Plant, machinery, lighting, compressed air generation, cooling, process heat and building heating were all scrutinised. In order to be able to develop an energy programme with measurable energy targets, another 40 measuring devices, in addition to the existing monitors, were installed and linked up to the network so that the obtained energy consumption data could be analysed and evaluated at regular meetings. This resulted in measures and activities targeted at more purposeful energy management. As a luminaire manufacturer, the plant takes the lead when it comes to adopting new approaches to lighting.

Factory showcases energy-efficient lighting solution from Zumtobel
The new factory building number 7 inaugurated in February is illuminated throughout with LED luminaires from Zumtobel. The fittings used are the industrial luminaire CRAFT 145W LED 840 and the continuous-row system TECTON L 1463 63W LED WB in the production areas. The offices are fitted with 447 EVO LED Light Fields, while DIAMO D68 21W LED downlights help to conserve energy in the stairwells. LUXMATE LITENET provides daylight-based lighting management for Hall 7. In individual areas, the required illuminance levels for workstations are ensured by static adjustment. Restrooms and stairwells are equipped with occupancy sensors. In office areas, employees have the option of individual lighting control from any office PC via LITENET INCONTROL in addition to the daylight-based lighting management. Energy measuring devices have been installed in different areas to monitor the electrical work (kW) of the lighting in Hall 7. At the same time, the factory building and its lighting solution act as an excellent showroom for customers from around the world who visit the Dornbirn site for training events. A successive changeover to energy-efficient LED lighting solutions is envisaged for the remaining production facilities.

Further measures alongside energy-efficient lighting solutions
In six of the seven transformer stations, one of the two transformers has been switched off. This ensures that the transformer stations are running within their optimal load range. State-of-the-art thermal insulation has been provided for the plasticising cylinders on injection moulding machines and sheet extruders. As part of the shed roof refurbishment, the thermal insulation was again improved. On the compressed air generating system, the old brass couplings were replaced by steel couplings offering low wear and enhanced safety. To raise awareness among employees, there are “press me” stickers next to switches as a reminder to turn off machines, lights, etc. after use, and notes to this effect have been included in operating and maintenance instructions.

As part of the audit, the long-standing ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates for quality and environmental management systems were renewed. Within the Zumtobel Group, Tridonic’s Färbergasse site in Dornbirn is also certified to ISO 50001. A roll-out to include further plants is planned for next year.

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Dornbirn project team
Dornbirn project team from left: Gerhard Weiß (Senior Manager Certified Management Systems), Herwig Burtscher (Operations Director Dornbirn Plant), Barbara Mihatsch (Project Manager Facility and Energy Management), Wolfgang Natter (Health and Safety Manager Dornbirn Plant) und René Vinak (Head of Quality Dornbirn Plant)


Zumtobel luminaires CRAFT LED in factory building number 7.
Zumtobel luminaires CRAFT LED in factory building number 7.
Zumtobel LED-luminaires in factory building number 7

Zumtobel LED-luminaires in factory building number 7

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