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2013/14 sustainability reporting within the annual financial report
Sustainability activities represent an integral part of the business and will also be adapted to reflect the new structures and strategic focal points that followed the significant changes, above all to the corporate structure, in the Zumtobel Group during 2013/14. Against this backdrop, a separate sustainability report will not be issued for 2013/14, but this annual financial report will include information on previously reported non-financial indicators and issues.

Sustainability activities adjusted to reflect new structure
In 2014/15 a structured materiality analysis will be prepared in accordance with the GRI 4 requirements (Global Reporting Initiative, Version 4) and compared with the results of a stakeholder survey. The Zumtobel Group will use these results as the basis for reorienting its commitment to sustainability – based on the new corporate strategy.

Continuing commitment to sustainability
Sustainability and responsible actions are firmly anchored in the Zumtobel Group. This is underscored by numerous activities in the ecological and social areas over the past decades. The Zumtobel Group‘s commitment to sustainability is closely related to the core business: the use of energy-efficient, intelligently managed lighting technology plays an important role in conserving resources.

Since 2009 the Zumtobel Group has provided transparent information each year on its sustainability activities, progress and goals in a sustainability report and on its website. The positive response to this sustainability reporting is illustrated by good rankings in the Austrian Sustainability Reporting Award. In this competition, where the sustainability reports are evaluated by independent experts, the Zumtobel Group was rated third in 2013.

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