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Zumtobel Group makes EUR 10,000 donation for flood victims in the Balkans

At the initiative of the Dornbirn plant, the Management Board of the Zumtobel Group has spontaneously consented to make a EUR 10,000 donation to the international CARE charity organisation for the victims of the recent flooding in the Balkans.

Numerous staff members come from the regions affected, with their families and friends living there. The flood disaster, which is one of the most severe ever, has caused major damage in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and parts of Croatia. So far, 30,000 people have been evacuated in Serbia alone. Some local communities and towns have been completely flooded. More than 2,000 landslides were recorded in Bosnia. Numerous municipalities have been cut off from supply with power and drinking water. There is a dramatic shortage of food, water and medical aid.

By making the donation, the Zumtobel Group's Management Board emphasises its loyalty with its staff members. “I am really pleased that the Management Board has responded so positively and immediately consented to provide support,” says Richard Apnar, Chairman of the blue collar works council. “Many of our staff members and their families have or know relatives who are affected by the flooding. Thanks to our donation, quick and uncomplicated help can be provided to those in need in the Balkans.”

Purification of 2,000 litres of life-saving drinking water for families in need costs EUR 30. A CARE survival package containing the most important relief supplies costs EUR 80.

In Bosnia, CARE has already handed out water pumps and will extend this activity during the next days. In the Serbian capital of Belgrade, CARE has distributed aid packages among families evacuated from the neighbouring city of Obrenovac. “We're giving milk for babies to the families that urgently need help now, and we hope to procure additional relief goods within the next days,” reports CARE member Vesna Jovanović from Belgrade.

There is huge demand for aid. Sumka Bucan, regional director for the Balkans, expects that the CARE teams will have to provide help for several months and calls for supporting CARE by means of donations: “The Serbian and Bosnian communities CARE is supporting now were very poor already before they were hit by the disaster. They have been left with nothing, and have to completely rebuild their lives.”

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Staff members and works council from Dornbirn handing over the donation to Eva Brunner, CARE Austria WEST (left).
Staff members and works council from Dornbirn handing over the donation to Eva Brunner, CARE Austria WEST (left).