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Zumtobel photovoltaic installation: over 1,000,000 kWh of solar power
Since the Zumtobel photovoltaic installation in Lemgo first went into service four years ago, it has produced more than 1,000,000 kilowatt-hours of solar power. This ecologically generated electricity is fed into the grid belonging to Lemgo’s municipal utility company – and is also used by Zumtobel itself.

Lemgo’s biggest photovoltaic installation was created as a joint project between Zumtobel and the municipal utility company. While Zumtobel provided the roof surface on its plant buildings, the utility company took care of installing and commissioning the equipment.

Zumtobel has collaborated with Lemgo’s utility company on other resource conservation projects. Where environmentally friendly mobility is concerned, the gas-fuelled VW Touran set the ball rolling. “In another joint project, we’re the first company in Lemgo to install a municipal charging station on our premises. This charges our new VW e-up! or e-Bikes belonging to our employees with solar electricity taken directly from our roof,” says Zumtobel Lemgo’s Managing Director Ulrich Kaltenborn.

Innovative products and lighting solutions are not the only valuable contribution that Zumtobel makes towards the efficient use of energy. As the company has shown, sustainability is also the driving force behind a range of different projects at the plants.

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Happy with the "million", from left: Arnd Oberscheven | Municipal utilities, Ulrich Kaltenborn | Zumtobel and Horst Selbach | Sparkasse.
Happy with the "million", from left: Arnd Oberscheven | Municipal utilities, Ulrich Kaltenborn | Zumtobel and Horst Selbach | Sparkasse.