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ENEC-Anniversary Award for Zumtobel and Tridonic
The ENEC programme (European Norms Electrical Certification) celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2012. To mark the occasion, the 25 signatory organisations to the ENEC agreement were invited to nominate companies from their respective countries for a special prize: the ENEC Anniversary Award.

In Austria, five companies were nominated including Zumtobel and Tridonic, both of them brands belonging to the Zumtobel Group.

The awards were officially presented to the winners at a meeting of the Austrian Electrotechnical Committee in Vienna on 16 November 2012. Werner Eberle, Head of Product Certification, accepted the prize on behalf of Tridonic, while Thomas Egle, who heads the Photometric and Testing Laboratory at Zumtobel Lighting, did the same for Zumtobel.

“It is our policy to apply for safety marks such as ENEC for all our standard luminaires. This gives the customer great trust in the technical execution of our products. We have been meeting the requirements for 20 years, which proves our continuity,” said Thomas Egle.

The Zumtobel brand was among the first to be given the certification mark in 1992 when ENEC was first set up. Tridonic followed suit in 1996. Since then, both brands have made a major contribution towards the success and continuance of the ENEC mark in the market.

The ENEC mark is a safety mark for electronic products and certifies compliance with European standards. Products are tested for thermal, mechanical and electrical safety with respect to people and buildings. The 25 signatories to the ENEC agreement rank among the leading testing laboratories and certification bodies, and are members of the EEPCA (European Electrical Products Certification Association). For further information visit:  




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Congratulations to Thomas Egle (right)

Congratulations to Thomas Egle (right)

Werner Eberle (middle) representing Tridonic
Werner Eberle (middle) representing Tridonic
The ENEC winners
The ENEC winners