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Thorn Energy Expert Conference at Landskrona
The first Thorn Energy Expert Conference in Landskrona, Sweden, took place at the end of October. The aim was to support the training of the Thorn sales team and Thorn Energy Partners in energy efficient lighting. The predominant focus was on identifying knowledge gaps and sharing best practice concepts and tools, as well as the very latest technologies and standards.

Topics ranged from general expertise to in-depth discussions on the Thorn 15 ways to save energy. Software updates, including those for energyCalc, daylightCalc, ecoCalc and Relux Vivaldi were also covered, as well as the 2-year training concepts for the Thorn Energy Partnership.

Furthermore, Holger Leibmann, International Projects, Lighting Consultant also gave a presentation at the conference and it was clear that sharing knowledge can only benefit both brands. His insight into research projects provided a good understanding of innovative trends in 3D real-time ray tracing.

Overall the conference was a great experience, complete with a tour of Landskrona factory and a late night preview of the new outdoor experience in the “City of Light, Landskrona”.

Thorn Energy expert: what's behind that?
The energy expert has a detailed understanding of Thorn’s new eControl framework. Together with sales management, the energy expert defines and supports the local standard quotation and implementation process for energy-efficient lighting solutions. There is currently a great mixture of application managers, project managers, lighting designers, marketing experts and sales managers. With a total of 40 experts, there is a clear European energy-efficient lighting service offering.

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During the conference
During the conference
The participants
The participants