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Tridonic: DALI system in Abu Dhabi
Tridonic, the Zumtobel Group’s lighting components brand, is providing advanced lighting management for the Abu Dhabi Future School Programme major initiative.

The Programme will eventually result in the construction of 100 new schools across Abu Dhabi, focusing on sustainability and energy saving. The lighting management system provided by Tridonic makes a significant contribution to minimising energy consumption.

For the 16 schools included in the first phase of the Abu Dhabi Future School Programme, Tridonic lighting management systems using DALI protocol through the software winDIM@net are being employed to control the luminaires.

To ensure that the light is provided in the right place at the right time, the luminaires are linked to a range of different sensors through the DALI network via the winDIM@net system. These sensors include photocells, occupancy sensors and timers.

The photocells are used for daylight harvesting and the artificial lighting is dimmed in response to natural daylight levels. Occupancy detection is used throughout the school buildings so that the lighting is only switched on in occupied areas. Timers enable light to be used only during predefined periods.

The software winDIM@net system guarantees easy configuration. The computer networks within the school can also be used for managing and monitoring the lighting from a central location. The schools’ facility management team can read the status and history of each ballast and monitor energy consumption, which facilitates the fine-tuning work and leads to optimum use of the lighting.

With this high-end lighting management system, Tridonic is making a significant contribution to reducing the energy consumption and improving the standard of educational buildings in Abu Dhabi, while simultaneously guaranteeing an effective lighting solution.

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Abu Dhabi Future School Project
Abu Dhabi Future School Project