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Despite rising energy prices, Thorn Lighting at Landskrona reduces energy costs
At the Thorn Lighting luminaire plant in Landskrona, numerous energy-saving measures were implemented in the period 2011/12. "There is a lot you can influence through active work with energy questions that give effects", says Lars-Göran Andersson, Maintenance- and building manager at Thorn Lighting.

A system now enables remote control of ventilation and heating and, more recently, also makes need-based compressor control possible. The luminaires in the manufacturing bay can now be switched off in groups at times when work is only being carried out in part of the bay. The replacement of lamps and office windows and the introduction of a chemical that reacts at a lower temperature in the powder coating workshop have all resulted in further savings.

Despite rising energy prices, energy consumption was cut by 1,557,881 kWh and energy costs were slashed by around Euro 100,000 in 2011. Further measures are planned for the 2012/13 business year.

Thorn Lighting in Landskrona is also head office for Thorn Nordic. In total the unit consists of 16000 square meter production area, 6000 square meter warehouse and 3400 square meter offices. There are about 300 employees at the site. The property consists of several buildings established between 1920 and 1980 of varying execution. A great part of the energy use is linked to the buildings (heat/ventilation and lighting).

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