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Tridonic finds various jobs for people with learning difficulties
Tridonic in Dornbirn embarked on a joint programme with the Lebenshilfe organisation in Vorarlberg that provides help for people with learning difficulties a year ago. Meanwhile, up to seven people nominated by the organisation work in rotation in Färbergasse.

“The Lebenshilfe people are very keen to work and well motivated”, said the project leader at Tridonic, Petra Hartmann. Jochen Guggenberger from Lebenshilfe Dornbirn confirms this: “Our clients look forward to coming out of the workshop and gaining experience outside their protective environment.”

Cooperation with the Lebenshilfe organisation in Dornbirn was instigated by an employee. After initial discussions between Tridonic and Lebenshilfe there was a period of familiarisation and trial assignments.Today, two or three of the seven people with learning difficulties come together to work three times a week from 9 to 11. On two mornings they scan invoices and on the third they work in the R&D department. Their tasks include simple operations such as shredding old documents, archiving and binding brochures, and they have also help enormously with various moves.

Above all, for people with learning difficulties these outside jobs are a way of being part of society. “I hope you can find more jobs for our new colleagues to do”, says Petra Hartmann.


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