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Project on plan: Zumtobel Group plant in Niš has started serial production
  • New plant in Niš, Serbia, plays vital role in improving the Zumtobel Group’s competitiveness
  • Plant is an important addition to the existing group-wide production network
  • Serial production of components has started in mid of July;
    Ramp-up of luminaire production to follow by end of August
  • Official opening of plant scheduled for end of September

Dornbirn – The international lighting company Zumtobel Group expands its global production network with a new group-wide luminaire and component production facility in Niš, Serbia. Since the ground-breaking ceremony in July 2017, construction works have been progressing according to schedule with important building milestones successfully completed. Only one year after construction start, the serial production of components has commenced in mid of July while luminaire production is currently being prepared for ramp-up by the end of August. The official opening of the new Zumtobel Group plant in Niš in South Serbia is scheduled for the end of September 2018.

"The new Zumtobel Group plant in Niš plays a key role in paving the company’s way to the future and get back on track. Our new plant, which is an important addition to our existing production network, will give us the opportunity to better supply our core European market and improve our competitiveness in the long-term”, says Alfred Felder, CEO Zumtobel Group.

Efficient production network is key to sustainable success
The Zumtobel Group global production network allows the company to make an optimum use of its group-wide manufacturing facilities. The new plant in Niš and the existing component plant in Dornbirn will cooperate in a symbiotic partnership with the clear goal to take advantage of the strengths of both sites. For this reason, product groups with high price pressure will be transferred from Dornbirn to Niš. The component plant in Dornbirn, which specialises in conventional and high-end products for the outdoor and IoT sectors, will continue to be a key pillar of the Zumtobel Group's component production network. In view of the challenging global market conditions, the focus lies on increasing efficiency and effectiveness, resulting in a respective adjustment of production capacities of the component plant in Dornbirn in the medium term.

Plant Niš at a glance
The new production site in Niš, located in the heart of the dynamic growth market of Eastern Europe, will allow the company to react more flexibly to changing market requirements and strengthen its presence in these emerging markets. This in turn, enables the Zumtobel Group to focus better on its customers’ needs and serve them in the most efficient way. By the opening in September 2018, the local team in Niš will count more than 350 employees. The manufacturing plant covers approximately 40,000 square meters and will be finalised within the planned time frame and the planned investment of around EUR 30.6 million. 



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The new Zumtobel Group plant in Niš
The new Zumtobel Group plant in Niš



The new Zumtobel Group plant in Niš

The new Zumtobel Group plant in Niš

Component production has started as of mid of July

Component production has started as of mid of July

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