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Smart lighting control and innovative lighting: Zumtobel Group is modernising the lighting solution in Nenzing and Dornbirn
  • Smart lighting control and improved light for an increased sense of well-being and safety
  • Thorn Civiteq and R2L2 street lighting in use in Dornbirn and Nenzing
  • Vorarlberg communities opt for InCity light management system from Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS)

Dornbirn, Austria – The Zumtobel Group has equipped the communities of Dornbirn and Nenzing with smart LED lighting solutions. In the community of Nenzing, as well as in the extended pedestrian zone in Dornbirn, the flexible InCity light management system from Zumtobel Group Services (ZGS) was used paired with LED street lighting from the Thorn brand. By upgrading the street lighting, both communities are putting their trust in a smart light management system, saving energy and at the same time benefiting from flexible lighting solutions. These are becoming increasingly important for towns, to be able to respond to the usage habits of inhabitants and changes to infrastructure.

“Smart City” street lighting in Nenzing
When it came to its new lighting, the community of Nenzing opted for 550 of the R2L2 street lights from Thorn, which can be precisely tailored to the respective conditions with InCity lighting control: In areas in which little light is needed at night, such as quiet residential areas, the lighting control can dim down the street lighting to 20 percent. In periods with high volumes of traffic, such as during rush-hour, the light level is increased. As such, safety is enhanced. Nenzing is planning to use motion sensors in the future in some districts, which can be used to control lighting in line with requirements: If no motion is detected for a prolonged period of time, InCity dims down the light level of the luminaires in question. The use of artificial light, which is adapted throughout the entire day and night cycle, saves energy, prevents light pollution and offers residents an increased level of comfort.

“We are proud that our community is playing a pioneering role on the topic of the ‘Smart City’. InCity from Zumtobel Group Services offers us the right amount of light, when and where we need it. We are enjoying energy savings of up to 80 percent and are also increasing the feel-good factor for our inhabitants. The modern R2L2 LED street lights blend harmoniously into our landscape”, states Florian Kasseroler, mayor of the market town of Nenzing.

Extended pedestrian zone in Dornbirn: attractive light and needs-based lighting control
The extended pedestrian zone in Dornbirn connects the market place, church grounds and Schulgasse. The aim was to increase the attractiveness of Dornbirn as the most popular city for shopping in the region. When it came to lighting this area, the city selected the Civiteq LED light modules from Thorn which were adapted in line with this project's requirements. With a diameter of one metre and a height of just twelve centimetres, at various mounting heights they blend harmoniously into the landscape and park.

“The high level of light quality and the modern optics of the new lighting system promote the urban character of our extended pedestrian zone”, explained Dornbirn mayoress Andrea Kaufmann as the zone was opened.

The InCity lighting control system from Zumtobel Group Services controls the new Thorn luminaires in line with requirements. In addition to controlling the luminaires, the InCity system performs tasks such as logging the energy consumption of the luminaires and automatically evaluating the data collected. Thanks to up-to-date status reports and automatic error messages, maintenance work can be scheduled more effectively. Furthermore, employees of the community are able to respond to various lighting requirements – and that's regardless of their actual location. As such, different light moods can be selected at events, for example.

“The expectations placed on the lighting solution have been met with absolute perfection and provide the city centre with a great atmosphere – the uniformity of the lighting, the brilliance of the illuminated paving and the optical appearance of the luminaires significantly enhance the look and feel of our pedestrian zone”, adds Stefan Burtscher, city planner of Dornbirn.

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The extended pedestrian zone in Dornbirn now connects the market place, church grounds and Schulgasse with the city centre. Civiteq LED light modules from Thorn were used to light the area.
The extended pedestrian zone in Dornbirn now connects the market place, church grounds and Schulgasse with the city centre. Civiteq LED light modules from Thorn were used to light the area.
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