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Pre-Christmas campaign for the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf: Zumtobel Group employees support Santa Claus
  • Employees organise donations for the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf
  • All Zumtobel Group sites in Dornbirn involved
  • 130 Christmas wishes came true

Dornbirn – Once again, Zumtobel Group employees supported Santa Claus in a pre-Christmas campaign and donated presents for the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf (Vorarlberg’s child welfare institution).

The staff fulfilled the children’s smaller wishes that can otherwise not be considered in daily life at the Kinderdorf. This voluntary campaign was organised and carried out by employees of the Zumtobel Group, as was the case last year. The children’s wish lists were hung on the festively decorated Christmas trees in the entrance areas of the four sites of the Zumtobel Group in Dornbirn.

Within a few days, the employees took all of the wish lists and made the children’s wishes come true with a total of 130 lovingly wrapped presents. These included swimming trunks, metal aircrafts and angels as well as numerous toys and gift vouchers.

“We are delighted that our colleagues supported this campaign so generously this second year. The Christmas trees, presents and thoughts of the children’s joy brings a wonderfully festive atmosphere into our premises over the Advent period,” says Patrick Lorenz from the team that has initiated the campaign.

All of the presents were handed to the care team of the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf in time so that the children in the institutions of the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf are able to unwrap their presents beneath the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

“Unwrapping presents beneath the Christmas tree means that there are people out there who are concerned about me. They have thought about what to give, have gone out and actually bought the gifts, chosen some bright and colourful wrapping paper and taken the time of packing them up personally. When the children get to unpack the presents from the employees of the Zumtobel Group, something becomes very tangible: these are people who have given with an open heart,”
explains Verena Dörler from the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf.

“We would like to thank the employees in the Zumtobel Group from the bottom of our heart for these wonderful Christmas presents and their personal presence with the message: I want to make you in particular happy,” adds Sylvia Steinhauser from the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf.

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Die Geschenke vor der Auslieferung an die Kinder unter dem Weihnachtsbaum der Zumtobel Group.
The presents beneath the Zumtobel Group Christmas tree before being delivered to the children.
Zwei der vielen Wunschzettel von den Kindern...
The wish lists of three children...
...aus den Einrichtungen des Vorarlberger Kinderdorfs.
...from the institutions of the Vorarlberger Kinderdorf.
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