Dialogue with stakeholders

The Zumtobel Group seeks an active dialogue with its stakeholders at local, national and international level. All Group brands promote dialogue with their clients and business partners through face-to-face meetings, training courses, customer events, trade fairs, customer magazines, newsletters and websites, focusing on the contribution that the respective product range can make to sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solutions.

The Zumtobel Group draws inspiration for innovation from its cooperation with research partners, universities and suppliers, as well as with artists, designers and architects.

The Group encourages dialogue among its employees and between employees and management (Working for the Zumtobel Group).

Investors and analysts receive regular information, not least through investor conferences and roadshows and quarterly telephone conferences (Investor Relations).

Ongoing dialogue with suppliers facilitates the acquisition of know-how on both sides and helps ensure security of supply and high quality (Supplier management).

The Group’s active membership of trade associations, lighting technology groups and standards committees forms the basis for a dialogue with policymakers that enables knowledge of sustainable lighting solutions to inform the process of drafting legislation and standards. In the area of certification of energy-efficient buildings, the company participates in forums such as the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB). The Zumtobel Group is also represented in various employers’ associations. All the Group’s memberships are listed on our website.

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