Sustainability performance report for the 2011/12 financial year

In-process environmental protection
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In-process environmental protection forms an integral part of our sustainability strategy.
Environmental management at the Zumtobel Group is based on three main pillars.
In both segments, environmental issues are also specifically addressed during introductory training for new employees.
The objective is to minimise the consumption of materials.
The Zumtobel Group rigorously ensures compliance with the Regulation on Hazardous Substances.
To reduce energy consumption, specific measures are taken in the plants.
The Zumtobel Group is constantly mindful of the need to achieve the biggest possible reductions in emissions.
Manufacturing the Zumtobel Group’s products requires relatively little process water.
Consideration is given to avoiding waste during production and the possibility of recycling the finished product from the outset when a product is first developed.
Numerous energy-saving measures were implemented in the luminaire plants
Accreditation in recognition of the way Zumtobel actively protects the environment.

Gerhard Weiß, Manager Integrated Management Systems Leuchten-segment

»As investment decisions very often have a long-term impact, we must also evaluate the sustainability of investments in terms of environmental impact, resource consumption and occupational safety aspects.«
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