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Zumtobel stages the new halls of Dornbirn Exhibition Centre
• Flexibility and efficiency: Zumtobel lighting solutions for the most varied of application situations
• Innovative lighting system underscores architecture
• Cooperation: Dornbirn Exhibition Centre, Marte.Marte architect’s office and Zumtobel

Dornbirn – Dornbirn Exhibition centre opened the doors to its newly built halls on 21 July 2017. The new buildings for the exhibition centre’s headquarters bring together the unique and characteristic style of Vorarlberg’s Marte.Marte architect’s office and an innovative lighting concept from Vorarlberg’s specialists for lighting solutions, Zumtobel.

“Light plays a major role, particularly in architecture. With the right lighting, it is possible to create very different effects and atmospheres in rooms and emphasise certain architectural details. That is what makes light so fascinating: it designs rooms. As a local company from Dornbirn, we are delighted to have been chosen as the lighting partner for the new building of the Dornbirn Exhibition Centre. Since we had already cooperated with the architects from Marte.Marte and the Vorarlberg electrical planners Hiebeler & Mathis in the past, we really looked forward to the inspiring cooperation,” says Manuel Staudinger, Project Manager in the Zumtobel Group.

The design of the new black building with the elliptical, bright red entrances to the halls is based on a fundamental idea of the architects and its impressive size is perfectly staged on the inside by a special Zumtobel lighting solution. The black-and-red colour concept runs through the complete site: for example, the two large exhibition and event halls 9 and 11 have a black coating on the inside, making them the ideal venue for concerts and large events. In contrast, visitors to halls 10 and 12 can expect more of a festive feeling, where there is a smooth transition from the striking red of the elliptical caesuras to the interior space.

The choice of the right lighting concept for the 4,800 square metres floor space of the eleven metres high hall 11 posed a particular challenge that Zumtobel rose to with an innovative special lighting solution using the lighting systems TECTON Balanced White and PANOS infinity, which now ensure a precise and uniform illumination of the large hall.

In search of the unexpected: Special exhibition with Marte.Marte architect’s office

The two Vorarlberg companies, Marte.Marte architect’s office and Zumtobel, share a long-standing history of cooperation and have realised numerous joint projects – these include the exhibitions “Appearing Sculptural” and “Concrete Works” in the Zumtobel Light Forum Dornbirn as well as a cooperation at the Biennale in Venice in 2016. The Biennale project also went on show as a special exhibition at the Lake Constance Art Fair from 21 to 23 July with exhibits from Marte.Marte in the new exhibition halls. Five concrete cubes, each weighing two tons, are just some of the exhibits in hall 12, which present various projects, including the bridge trilogy in Dornbirn-Ebnit, the mountain hut in Laterns and the Evangelical Diocesan Museum Fresach. Both of the Marte.Marte exhibitions – the one at the Biennale in 2016 and this year’s special exhibition at the Lake Constance Art Fair – were staged with a lighting solution from Zumtobel.




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About the Zumtobel Group
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The new exhibition halls 9 to 12 were ceremoniously opened during the Lake Constance Art Fair, perfectly staged by a Zumtobel special lighting solution. (Copyright: Zumtobel)

zumtobel group

The outdoor lighting for the large ellipse in the loading yard is also lit impressively by Zumtobel in the evening. (Copyright: Zumtobel)

zumtobel group

The choice of the right lighting concept for halls 9 and 11 posed a particular challenge that Zumtobel rose to with an innovative special lighting solution using the lighting systems TECTON Balanced White and PANOS infinity. (Copyright: Zumtobel)

zumtobel group

The design for the new black building with the elliptical entrances to the halls in red is based on a fundamental idea of Marte.Marte of giving the halls an overall structure. This led to an over 170m long, almost 70m wide and 17m high monolithic building with differentiated, elliptical caesuras. (Copyright: Marte.Marte Architects)

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