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Lighting solution from Vorarlberg for Bavarian winter sports region: Zumtobel lights up train station of Zugspitze glacier and Olympia-Ice Sports Centre
• Highly efficient LED luminaires produced in the plant Dornbirn
• Resistant luminaires for challenging weather conditions
• Up to 75 percent energy reduction at the Ice Sports Centre

Dornbirn – Zumtobel realised two new lighting solutions this winter season at the Bavarian winter sports region. In both projects mainly the CRAFT luminaire produced in Dornbirn was used.

New lighting solution for Germany‘s highest train station
CRAFT from Zumtobel, with its particularly high degree of protection, IP 65, is extremely resistant and can withstand the most adverse weather conditions. For example temperatures below freezing, which can easily occur at the train station of the Zugspitze glacier. Thanks to CRAFT’s pyramid-shaped lighting cone, less luminaires are needed to light up the station’s barrel vault homogenously. This reduces investment costs significantly. The 40 luminaires were mounted on TECTON trunkings to ensure a fast connection to the light control and a particularly simple installation and maintenance. The emergency lighting function is ensured using ONLITE RESCLITE LED safety light. In addition, Zumtobel developed a special bracket for the integration of the loudspeaker system on the TECTON trunkings. The accent lighting, which illuminates the name of the station in the front and allows better orientation, was provided by VIVO spotlights equipped with a special lens, to capture the lettering in full-length.

100 percent flicker-free film shots thanks to HD-compatible lighting
The refurbishment of the Olympia-Ice Sports Centre in Garmisch-Partenkirchen by Körbl + Feneberg GmbH focused on energy savings. Thanks to the new lighting solution with CRAFT, there was a reduction of energy consumption of up to 75 percent and at the same time the level of illumination was improved compared to the previous lighting. The LED luminaires with advanced lighting technology also fulfil the requirements of international competition: CRAFT offers high brilliance, colour reproduction and optimal glare control – which is particularly important when trying to prevent reflection on the ice surface. On top of that, the fixtures are HD-compatible, thus enabling 100 percent flicker-free film shots, which is an essential requirement for first-class international TV broadcasts, such as those of hockey games played in the arena. The approximately 250 CRAFT luminaires were mounted on trunkings that integrate power, emergency lighting, control cables and are also specially protected against possible puck impacts. While CRAFT is used in all three halls of the ice sports centre, OMEGA luminaires from Thorn were used for the corridors and in adjacent rooms of the building. These well-integrated ceiling lights create a bright but pleasant ceiling design and a friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, this LED lighting solution is highly energy efficient.

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The CRAFT luminaire, manufactured in Dornbirn, lights up the barrel vault of the train station of the Zugspitze glacier.
zumtobel group
For the refurbishment of the Olympia-Ice Sports Centre in Garmisch-Partenkirchen CRAFT from Zumtobel was used. Beside high brilliance and colour reproduction the luminaires also offer optimal glare control.
zumtobel group
The billboard of the Zumtobel brand at the train station of Zugspitze glacier.
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