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At the instigation of Klaus Vamberszky, Executive
Vice President Technology of the Zumtobel Group,
photonics will be introduced at schools in western
Austria by the Vorarlberg regional government,
throughout the Land, with effect from the sum-
mer semester of 2013. Pupils from the fifth grade
onwards are going to be made familiar with the
technology by means of the “Photonics Explorer”
experimental kit. Photonics is the science of the
generation and manipulation of light. It is part of
LED lighting, TV/computer/cell phone displays and
The Zumtobel Group demonstrates its commitment
to local and social topics through the integration
project regarding unemployment of young people in
Vorarlberg, which was initiated in spring 2013. What
are the critical topics, and in what way can the Zum-
tobel Group as a corporation contribute to improv-
ing the situation; these are the questions that were
analysed at a first meeting with representatives of
social and integration organisations in Vorarlberg. It
was evident that exchanging thoughts and ideas with
the unemployed youths themselves must be in the
foreground. At World Cafés specifically organised
for this purpose by the Zumtobel Group, the young
people worked on the most varied issues, developing
their own ideas. These are taken up and are inte-
grated into the further steps of the project. The goal
is to join forces to make a difference.
In April 2013, the employees of the Thorn luminaire
plant in Guangzhou (China) encouraged the children
of the Yangcheng elementary school to participate in
a “month of reading”. The children were provided
with opportunities to write down their thoughts
about the books they had read or to express them in
drawings. On the occasion of a festivity, the twenty
best works of art were awarded a prize; there was a
lot of appreciation for all. In the previous year, Thorn
celebrated the Chinese “Children’s Day” with the
pupils, presenting them with writing utensils in ad-
dition to organising joint activities for the day. The
Yangcheng school with its very modest premises was
especially built for the children of migrant workers.
Photonics at Austrian schools
Highlighting youth
Thorn Guangzhou
supports children of
migrant workers
photovoltaic cells, for instance. “As a company active
in the lighting industry, we depend on qualified juni-
or staff. It is difficult to find skilled staff in this field.
Making pupils familiar with photonics and stimulating
their scientific curiosity is accordingly very important
for our future,” emphasises Klaus Vamberszky. The
school kit was developed and subsidised at Euro-
pean level. The Zumtobel Group itself plans to use
the kit in various areas, such as customer dialogue
management, the “Long Night of Science” and for
(further) training.