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The award in the Built Environment category went
to the US-based non-profit architectural prac-
tice MASS Design Group for its Butaro Hospital
­project. The award in this category carries a purse
of EUR 80,000.
We will use this prize money to finance our new
initiative, the MASS Design Lab, that we will be launching
next winter. The lab’s objective is to finance research that
is required in order to develop new strategies and test
them in order to improve our buildings, our towns and our
communities through better design.”
Michael Murphy and Alan Ricks, MASS Design Group
Zumtobel Group Award 2012
This year, the Zumtobel Group Award was presented for the third time. This architectural award
for the promotion of sustainability and humanity in the built environment was created
by the Zumtobel Group and has since been curated by Aedes Architekturforum in Berlin.
The award in the Research & Initiative category
went to the French architectural practice atelier
d’architecture autogérée (AAA) for its integrated
research project R-URBAN. The prize money of
EUR 60,000 was divided up, with EUR 30,000 for
the winning entry and EUR 7,500 going to help sus-
tain progress in each of the four nominated research
projects and initiatives.
The Zumtobel Group Award enhances our credibility
as an institution; this is very important for such an unusual
organisation as ours, i.e. a non-profit organisation made
up of activists. We will use the prize money to fund com-
ponents of the project for which we were unable to find
finance. These are, above all, knowledge transfer concepts,
an aspect which is often underestimated in the context of
conventional research contracts.”
Constantin Petcou and Doina Petrescu,
atelier d’architecture autogérée (AAA)
Social engagement
A bottom-up framework for action for sustainable
urban renewal in Colombes, Paris.
The 40-bed Butaro Hospital in Butaro, Rwanda.