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At the beginning, there was a long wish list: We
want to live our values and make all employees and
executives join in this effort. We want the values to
become more tangible, we want them to be linked
up with our corporate strategy, and we want them
to show what really counts in our cooperation. To-
day, hardly two years later, many of those involved
believe that the new definition of the values as well
as the global roll-out were successful initial steps
creating a basis for a strong corporate culture.
What is the secret? “Right from the start, we have
relied on involving our employees. Our directors
have actively participated in defining the values
anew, accordingly ensuring a connection with our
strategy. We interviewed several employees on the
existing culture of values, thus creating a bridge be-
tween the values already implemented and the new
values,” reports Birgit Sonnbichler.
During the global roll-out, the project team also
relied on the commitment of our own staff. In Hu-
man Resources, a standardised workshop design
was developed; the HR Business Partners trained
executives throughout the world, with the latter
subsequently carrying out value workshops with
their teams on their own. A huge contribution was
made by the value ambassadors: some 160 employ-
ees from the most varied technical fields, voluntarily
participating in the workshops as facilitators.
The “Value Champions” competition has shown that
at Zumtobel, the values are put into practice in an
excellent manner today already – the distinction was
awarded to a total of four teams in 2012.
The values are not meant to remain a one-hit won-
der. For this reason, they have also been integrated
into the staff development tools, such as the employ-
ee development interview. “For the purpose of this
structured interview, we have translated the values
into specific competences and modes of behaviour.
The employee and the executive discuss behav-
ioural patterns by way of example, thus developing
The workshops offer an ideal platform to managers to
convey important messages and to get their staff’s commitment.
Every time, I was surprised by the enthusiasm and the wish
of each individual participant to make a contribution to
the 2020 strategy. We are going to hold these meetings
with our employees twice a year, in order to check on
their commitment. I have also encouraged my managers to
use this workshop platform at the level of the team. ”
Kevin Lander
Director Zumtobel / Thorn for
the Middle East and India, has
headed five workshops with his
staff as an
Naturally, some creativity was also
asked for in the value workshops
I definitely experience the three values in my daily work.
My passion for my work and the good and valuable cooperation
within our team are responsible for the fact that I like to
fulfil my tasks and that I enjoy going to work every day. ”
Mayuri Govil
Application Design expert for
Thorn in India,
is one of some 7,500
that implement our values:
Living the values