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Healthy and fit together
own initiative. Every employee who arrives
at work on foot or by bike makes a corre-
sponding note on a card every day. At the
end of the month, gift vouchers are raf-
fled off among the cards handed in at the
HR office. In spring and in autumn 2012, a
so-called Exercise Card was issued to all
employees at the Landskrona site. Every
employee engaging in sports at least 38
times between 1 January and 30 May and
at least 36 times between 10 August and
18 December would make an entry in the
Exercise Card and received a small gift.
3 | Thorn Nordic at DHL relay race
The participation in the DHL relay race in
Fælledparken in Copenhagen has been a
must for the Danish team for three years
already. In 2011 and 2012 the Thorn col-
leagues from Sweden and Norway formed
a team as well. The DHL relay race is the
biggest relay race in the world; a total of ap-
prox. 130,000 runners participate each year.
Each team consists of five runners, each of
them running five kilometres.
Apple campaigns, back muscle training, joint
sports activities – the range of offers is wide.
The Zumtobel Group offers numerous health
campaigns at various locations. For trim and
healthy employees contribute to the success of
a company. There are many examples…
1–2 | Tridonic employees are “inTAct”
At Tridonic connection technology in Inns-
bruck, the “inTAct” health management
scheme has been in place since 2008. Among
other topics, it includes industrial medicine,
industrial safety, but also offers such as a
biomechanics test by a physiotherapist,
low-priced massages on site, coordination
of appointments for annual check-ups, a
scheme for breaking nicotine addiction and
many small sports groups that have come
to organise themselves on their own in the
meantime and work out together in their
leisure time.
Landskrona offers rewards to trim
The Landskrona site relies on the employees’
4 | Zumtobel Vienna organises
Every four years – whenever Olympic Games
are held – Zumtobel employees also com-
pete for scores in various disciplines in the
Vienna sales office. In the course of a year,
ten competitions are held. This year, too,
“Wuzzeln” (Viennese for table football),
go-carting, bowling, table tennis, running,
archery, goofy golf, “Schnapsen” (Austrian
card game), pool and darts were on the
agenda. Almost 50 guys and one lady par-
ticipated in the super-decathlon with its
already long tradition in Vienna.
5 | Zumtobel Group ski race
The annual international ski race of the
Zumtobel Group took place on 16 March in
Schröcken/Warth. Overall, 119 skiers and
snowboarders ventured down the race
course and were cheered by some 240
guests. Bright weather, optimal slopes and a
wonderful atmosphere among spectators
and participants made this day unforgettable.
Working for the Zumtobel Group