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engineering, metal engineering and produc-
tion engineering at the Dornbirn location.
Apprentices and instructors were available
to answer the questions of potential junior
staff. “We set great store by the topic of
social skills and the capability to act,” says in-
structor Otto Bechter. This includes, for in-
stance, the implementation of project work
under the apprentices’ own responsibility
from the first year onwards. In Vorarlberg,
the Long Night of Apprenticeship is offered
by the Zumtobel Group exclusively and is
very popular.
4 | Zumtobel Group regulars’ table
The Zumtobel Group regulars’ table was
originally based on the idea of meeting each
other and helping international employees to
settle in. But the initiative was soon extend-
ed, since it is a useful platform of exchange
among all employees. The interplant coop-
eration with two other companies estab-
lished in the region, Alpla and Doppelmayr,
makes the network grow. In the meantime,
the programme of the “regulars’ tables” has
1 | Reconciling work and family life
Playing and romping around while the
parents are doing their job: more than 20
children of our employees at the Dornbirn
location are looking forward to this. The
“Dornbirn companies for inter-company
childcare” cooperation project will start in
September 2013, facilitating the compatibil-
ity of job and family. The facility is organised
by the “Vorarlberg childminders”. Since the
Zumtobel Group is a cooperation partner,
our employees have a preferential right to
have their children, aged 0.5 to 6 years, ac-
cepted by the childcare centre that is open
all day long six days a week.
2–3 | Long night of apprenticeship
Some 200 young night owls flooded into the
training workshop installed by the Zumto-
bel Group, showing a keen interest when
the Long Night of Apprenticeship opened
its doors again in January 2013. Those
interested had an opportunity to obtain
information on apprenticeships in the fields
of electrical engineering, electronics, plastics
come to include activities such as hikes or
visits to other plants, for instance a guided
tour of the Mohrenbrauerei (brewery) in
5 | Exchange at trade fairs
In 2012/13, the Zumtobel Group participat-
ed in numerous job fairs in Austria, Germany,
Sweden and England, in order to inform
those interested about career opportunities
within the organisation, but also to extend
its network with universities. “Trade fair ap-
pearances are very important for obtaining
more information about the needs, expec-
tations and goals of the students by talking
to them,” says Nadine Grasl, HR Marketing.
Some cooperation projects that have al-
ready been initiated successfully confirm our
commitment. Two selected projects, “City
of Light” and “Ecolar”, are described on
pages 17 and 46.
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