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Production and supply chain
of the
Important step towards protection
of resources and climate protec-
tion: Zumtobel is investing €1.2
million in an energy concept and
expanding the Zumtobel factory
in Usingen
Energy concept successfully es-
tablished thanks to combined
heat and power plant, switch
to natural gas, need-based
control of heating, upgraded
heating system and much
more besides.
Annual energy savings of
around 25%.
emissions reduced by
450 tonnes a year.
The Green Building Monitor
continuously shows employees
the amounts of energy currently
being consumed and generated.
European Union Green Building
certification has already been
applied for.
Conservation of resources at
Thorn in Wetherill Park/Australia
Saving of packaging materials
thanks to revised packaging
design and concept for large
packaging for locally manufac-
tured products.
Gas consumption reduced by
20% for painting process and
chromate facility thanks to
improved production planning.
Improvements in recycling:
48% of scrap is now re-utilised
thanks to recycling systems.
Reduced power consumption
during stress test on ballasts at
Tridonic in Dornbirn
A defined number of units
are randomly sampled from
every production batch and
subjected to thermal testing
and function testing for quality
control purposes.
Power consumption of the
TSF test chambers has been
reduced by 146,000 kWh/a, a
figure equivalent to a reduction
in CO
emissions of 23,652 kg
a year, by optimising the load-
ing of the TSF test chambers.
This measure/improvement
was proposed by two em-
ployees through the “Tridonic
Clever” company suggestion
SWEREA confirms: improved
process at Thorn Landskrona
reduces environmental pollution
The Swedish Research Institute
says that the improved powder
coating process sets an inspiring
Energy consumption reduced
by 30% thanks to reduced
expenditure on heating.
60% less water consumed
thanks to elimination of process
sludge due to reduced reaction
with aluminium and less clean-
ing effort.
Significantly improved waste
water quality: acidification re-
duced by 50%, eutrophication
cut by 90%.
Less chemical waste.
Cost savings for energy and
chemicals amount to roughly
€26,000 a year, considerable
drop in costs of repair and
Efficiency improvements at Thorn
in Spennymoor
Replacement of old machinery
by modern, energy-efficient
equipment (four injection
moulding machines replaced by
two machines offering better
Optimisation of building
processes (heating, ventilation,
air conditioning) and lighting
control system.
Introduction of local control
systems in order to disconnect
plant when not in use.
Use of thermal insulation
for temperature-sensitive