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Five steps towards sustainable production
The process, which is oriented along the lines of the Six Sigma meth­
odology, was initially organised as a pilot project. After successful intro-
duction in the individual areas of production, the process will now be
rolled out onto the entire plant.
“Our aim is to steadily reduce the effects of the production processes
and of the products on the environment,” says Markus Schlingmann,
head of Integrated Management System at Lemgo. By implementing
this environmental concept, the requirements of the ISO 14001 stan-
dard are also being met.
The core of the project is an environmental information system, the
so-called environmental cockpit. This software that has been ad­just­
ed to the requirements of the plant might also be designated as the
brain of the environmental concept. The programme shows indicators
relat­ing to materials and operational parameters of the installations.
The correct handling of hazardous substances can be derived from
the programme, as can the responsibilities within the plant. There is
documentation as to how specific equipment must be serviced and
what kind of standardised procedure must be followed in this respect.
“This will ensure, for instance, that the process of disposal of oil and
lubricants takes place smoothly and in an environmentally friendly
manner,” explains Markus Schlingmann.
The employees with access to the environmental cockpit are the same
that maintain and update the system. “Since the information is acces-
sible to all the parties involved, efficient and optimal workflows can be
ensured even in case of personnel changes,” says Markus Schlingmann.
Another benefit is drawn by the environmental management team
from the analysis that is made possible by the environmental concept
(and its methods). Possible weak points, such as high levels of consump-
tion, can be identified and improvements worked out in a targeted
manner. The specifically developed way to implement the environmen-
tal concept has proven its worth at Lemgo and is now considered a
pioneering pilot project for all Zumtobel plants.
Step 1 | Basic principles of the “5S method”:
Sortiere aus (sort out), Sichtbar anordnen
(arrange visibly), Sauber machen (clean up),
Standardisieren (standardise), Standards einhalten
(comply with standards)
Step 2 | Standardisation of production by means
of “environmental cockpit” information system
Step 3 | Determine the handling of hazards as
well as the correct procedure in emergencies,
and provide for adequate training
Step 4 | Communication from management level
to machine operators
Step 5 | Continuous improvement process:
development and continuous training of
In 2012, the environmental management team
at Lemgo worked out a five-step procedure to
implement an environmental concept –
including health protection and industrial safety
– in the luminaire plant .
The “environmental cockpit” contains all the information needed to ensure environmentally friendly production. The environmental concept is based on
standardised workflows.