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“White factory” ready to
enter the LED age
Over the past three years, the luminaire factory in Les Andelys, France, has
developed into a modern production facility. The factory has become more
environment-friendly, more efficient and has managed to make more sparing use of
resources. In a pre-post comparison, the Thorn location is barely recognisable.
Those who have not visited the outdoor luminaire
factory in Les Andelys for some time will not be-
lieve their eyes: the dark floor, the old roof and the
yellow-grey walls have disappeared. Now, radiant
white and smooth surfaces are striking features –
the production facility looks modern and proper.
“Usine blanche” – “white factory” – it is called by
those who work there.
Back in 2010, things looked anything but “white”.
There was a long list of refurbishment measures
required. There were legal provisions and re-
quirements that had to be met in the context of
ISO 14001 certification. Without taking appropriate
measures, the factory would not have been capable
of implementing the technological changes required
to enter the LED age; first of all, the prerequisites
for electronic manufacture had to be met. It was
therefore necessary to make the location fit for the
EUR 3 million were invested to carry out extensive
refurbishment measures over the past three years.
Many of the measures taken are visible at first
glance; the consequences they have, however, are
much more far-reaching than the visitor may guess.
The new roof, the repaired floor, the refurbished
and insulated facade as well as the advanced lighting
Thorn luminaire plant after refurbishment: with ESD flooring and a renovated roof that is fit for the future.
The Les Andelys site showed signs of needing refurbishment in early 2010. A total of EUR 3 million was invested in renovation.