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For the next few years we are anticipating modest growth in our business environ-
ment. For the lighting industry, this positive trend is further reinforced by three
factors: the technology shift from conventional to LED lighting, the topic of energy
efficiency and the growth opportunities offered by emerging markets. At the
Zumtobel Group we are aiming to outperform the market in benefiting from these
developments. We have therefore set ourselves the goal of achieving annual
revenue growth of 3–5% over the next three years and progressively increasing
our return on sales to approximately 8–10% by the 2016/17 financial year.
The basis for our corporate success, however, remains the knowledge and
commitment of our employees, our close relations with our customers, the dialogue
with our network of researchers, technicians, architects and lighting designers,
and our shared fascination with the material that is light. On behalf of the entire
Board of Management I would like to thank you for our close and positive collab-
oration in the 2013/14 financial year. I hope you find this annual report makes
inspiring reading.
Ulrich Schumacher
Chief Executive Officer, Zumtobel Group
Zumtobel Group
Preface CEO
Annual Report 2013|14