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Brand Reports
SEQUENCE began, not only was it based on empir-
ical research findings, but an interdisciplinary devel-
opment team was also formed, comprising luminaire
and system development engineers, lighting techni-
cians, product managers, marketing specialists and
external partners including architects and planners.
The diversity of backgrounds of those involved in the
project led to a new and open conceptual approach.
Another key aspect of adaptive, user-centric light-
ing is how the lighting is controlled. To arrive at new
approaches here, Zumtobel joined forces with inter-
face experts and partners such as IBM. This further
example of interdisciplinary collaboration led to the
creationof the LITECOM lightingmanagement system.
This not only features simple installation and intuitive
operation but is also an open system with an impres-
sive degree of adaptability and flexibility.
Finally, one highlight of the financial year and at
the same timea vast showcaseof innovations andnew
technologies was the international light+building fair
in Frankfurt in April 2014. Here Zumtobel presented
its latest luminaires and lighting solutions that not only
raise the bar for the industry but also make full use of
the opportunities offered by LED technology.
The harmonious way in which the new technolo-
gies have been merged with the brand’s established
culture of design and innovation is reflected in a
number of awards and prizes harvested over recent
months. No fewer than five products including the
ARCOS xpert spotlight, the DIAMO downlight and
the GRAFT high-bay luminaire were able to impress
the iF product design award jury.
One remarkable aspect here was that the award
for LIGHT FIELDS evolution honoured not just a
single product but a whole product family. And
along with an iF award, the LINCOR LED pendant
luminaire also won an American Good Design
Award, while GRAFT also claimed the “Design Plus
powered by light+building” award.