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Brand Reports
The fiscal year 2013/14 for Tridonic continued to
be characterised by the change in technology and
the transformation of the company to a global sup-
plier of LED system solutions. Tridonic was able to
successfully defend its market share in conventional
technology despite the continuing contraction of the
market. In the year under review the fall in sales of
conventional technology was offset by growth in LED
components. The company significantly improved
the earning situation as a result of ongoing cost re-
duction and restructuring measures.
In the 2013/2014 fiscal year Tridonic expanded
its portfolio of LED light sources and converters with
a new record number of product launches. The focus
of the new component portfolio is on LED systems
comprising light sources and converters. LED prod-
ucts now account for 32% of sales, compared with
19% in the previous year. The move to LEDs is the
greatest growth driver for Tridonic. Tridonic’s powers
of innovation are evidenced by the highest propor-
tion of new products ever in the company’s history
at 54.1 percent.
Tridonic LED solutions comprise LED modules in
various forms, LED converters with different features,
components for emergency lighting, and light control
systems. This extensive portfolio of components can
be used in many different combinations.
White light is available as standard in the nor-
malised colour temperatures of 3000 K and 4000 K
or as Tunable White – a white light that can be flex-
ibly adjusted from 3000 to 6000 K. This means that
it is possible to simulate changes in natural daylight
throughout the day, and this can give people a
greater sense of well-being and boost productivity.
This is of great benefit not only in offices and educa-
tional establishments but also in health care facilities.
A comprehensive range of application-specific LED
solutions is available for the exhibition, display and
retail sectors. The SLE LED modules for spotlights and
downlights in full-spectrum technology (ART) achieve
the remarkable CRI value of 98 so that works of art
can be viewed in natural light. The fashion industry
in particular is benefiting from specially combined
spectrums (FASHION). Brilliant white clothing looks
radiant, without the usual yellow tinge.
Economical single-component solutions which do
not need an external converter provide the basis for
extremely sleek luminaire designs, giving designers
enormous freedom. The round version can replace
DD compact fluorescent lamps and T5 lamps. There
is another version available for use in downlights.
As part of an organisational restructuring,Tridonic
realigned the R&D, Product Management and
Marketing divisions to a segment structure. The Retail
and Hospitality, Office and Education, Outdoor
and Signage segments are set up for clear customer
focus from development to delivery for the relevant
Tridonic made a very successful appearance at
Light+Building 2014 in Frankfurt, the world’s leading
fair for light, with its portfolio and its system solutions
for the various applications segments. The slogan for
and the focus was firmly on light sources, converters
andcontrollers inperfectlymatched systems. Theprod-
uctson show, suchas TunableWhiteLinear, downlights
with integrated converters and the emergency light-
ing portfolio pointed the way towards intelligent
lighting systems. Tridonic received positive feedback
from a large number of international contacts.
Tridonic was able to supply LED systems for a
wide range of projects, including large-scale ones.
For example, the company together with its sister
company Thorn was awarded the contract to supply
systems comprising LED modules and LED converters
for Morrisons, a leading British supermarket chain.
This extensive contract is part of a renovation
scheme for branches of Morrisons throughout Great
A key year on the road to becoming a global
supplier of LED system solutions