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119. Cf. plate 55.
120. Peder Balke III.
121. Caption in the newspaper
Finnmark Dagblad
the day after Midnight Rock in Lakselv, 15 July 2013:
“Jasdeep Singh Kalirai was a ray of sunlight in Thurs-
day’s otherwise grey weather.”
122. Peder Balke IV.
123. Norway’s National Day, 17 May 1978: A
school band inMaurnes, Nordland, plays for an audi-
ence for the first time. According to contemporary
sources, they were offered the Sortland school band’s
old uniforms but declined. Perhaps the trousers were
insufficiently flared.
124. Peder Balke V.
125. Anna Boberg from Sweden was one of many
talented artists of the nineteenth century who stood in
the shadow of her husband – even in the midnight sun.
126. [Plate removed.] From Mantegazza, Paolo &
Sommier, Stephen:
Studii antropologici sui Lapponi.
Florence, 1880. Another regrettable example of the
nineteenth century’s pseudoscientific ambition to
show the superiority of the white race. Sami Lars
Henriksen Valkiapää’s sinewy, naked body is con-
trasted with the haute-bourgeois stucco and pilasters
of the photo studio.
127. Question I: What kind of car is this, parked in
the middle of the road just south of Nordkap? Proba-
bly a Ford Fairlane, either 1954 or 1955. Question
II: Where did the driver go? Did he disappear into
the dark (yet also light) Arctic night? No, the driver
was a postcard photographer. He got out of the car
to do his job. Question III: Why is the female passen-
ger sitting in the back seat? Because the postcard
photographer has his camera in the front seat. You
have to be prepared when the perfect vista opens up.
Living the Nordic Light
Plates: Light