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Kjetil Thorson
1. An uncle of mine strongly defended smoking until the day he died. He voiced this opinion whenever he
could and based it on the fact that he was smoking before, during and after any meaningful encounter
with other people, situations or places. The cigarette as a time-place reference only became relevant
because it was an ever-present object for a person smoking all the time. Everything he did, he did with
a cigarette.
2. Interested readers should see the May/June 2014 issue of
Intelligent Life
, published by
The Economist.
3. Hammerfest in northern Norway (70°39’N) was the first city in northern Europe to introduce outdoor
electric lighting in 1891. Despite frigid outdoor temperatures, people flooded the streets of Hammerfest
for weeks to experience the wonder.
4. As a continuous reminder of these specific environments, we have located sensors capturing the different
light conditions in all four locations, broadcasting them live for use as computer screensavers.