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However complicated the design of our buildings becomes, our experience is formed
by thewalls that enclose us and formthe spaces and volumes withinwhichwe live.
Thewalls and roofs of our buildings protect us fromthe ‘outside’.While the stuff of
this enclosure is concernedwith creating an ‘inside’, elaborated through the articula-
tion of floors, ceilings, openings, stairs; it is the window that breaches this threshold
connecting us with theworld: inside to outside and outside to inside.Thewindow
fulfils our desire to lookback on theworld fromwhichwe shelter, a desire that is loaded
with expectation and possibilities.Who doesn’t walk towards thewindow in entering
a new space? As the deliverer of the gift of daylight, we are pulled towards it. Like the
door, thewindow is scaled to us and becomes (or can become) the connection between
the individual, the building and theworld outside.
The imageswe have selected show thismost special relationshipbetween the individual
and architecture. It is, I believe, the intimatemoment of architecture, when architec-
ture can put us in our place, or the placewewould like to be.Why else did it become
a familiar and favourite subject of the artist? The figure standing in the window; the
window throwing light onto a domestic scene; thewindowas a framed and intense
viewof theworld.
DavidChipperfield, June 2013